18 Of The Weirdest And Most Bone Chilling Pictures With Their Stories


Photos make memorable moments of happiness and laughter last longer and even forever. However, when painful moments are captured, they could serve as painful reminders. Some of these photos here represent the only evidence of some certain unfortunate events. While, many of them may look ordinary and normal, the stories behind them are quite creepy. These photos are not only weird but bone chilling.

Honeymoon Scuba Dive Murder

just married and already unhappy

The prosecuting counsel entered this weird photo as evidence in the trial of Gabe Watson for the murder of his wife, Tina Watson. Gabe had allegedly drowned his wife by turning off her oxygen long enough for her to die. The couple were on their honeymoon and had gone for a scuba dive. Alabama court also claims the plot was for Gabe to recover his wife’s life and travel insurance of $130,000. However, Gabe denied in court and argued that this event was a tragedy. Gabe served 18 months in an Australian prison for negligent manslaughter. He is currently remarried.


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