Discover The IQ Scores Of Celebrities And Politicians


When you hear of actors, models, artists, politicians, and other celebrities, you probably think that these ones have no IQ whatsoever. Mostly because they are always so hot, beautiful and full of glam. Well, it definitely would amaze you to know that – not only do these Celebrities have good looks, style, and charisma – they have Brains too! Many of these celebrities are good at other different things asides from what you know them for, which you would see as we discuss their IQ Scores.

Let’s take a look at a few of them, shall we?

Bill Gates – IQ Score of 180

bill gates iq score

You were probably expecting to see this name on our list of IQ Scores. I mean, it’s Bill Gates right? As one of the richest and world’s greatest innovators in technology, its no surprise his IQ Score is 180.  Moreover, you shouldn’t expect anything less from the Principal Founder of Microsoft Corporation. And obviously, he wouldn’t be an investor, philanthropist, and humanitarian, if it wasn’t for his intellectual ability to always remain at the top.


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