The Guide Of Setting The Right Goals


Everyone wants to reach something in life. However some of us don’t actually know what it is. Being rich, sure. Charity, sure. Be a great husband, of course. The list would continue until there is no space left but that is not what we are here for. In this article we are going to discuss how to come up with the goals, that align well with your personality. If you want to achieve something in your life, choosing the right goals can make all the difference, and can set things in motion.

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What do you enjoy?

As we assume that you want to live a happy life, then it is best to choose aims, that you can reach with activities that you actually enjoy. Come up with these activities and forge them into goals.

Prioritize your goals

Focusing on too many goals at the same time can easily backfire. Imagine having to work on a lot of different tasks at the same time. You would have to switch between them every hour. Once you are deep into one of the tasks, you need to start handling the other one which is completely different. And the result is? Of course, worse quality or even non-completion.

There are 2 questions that you have to ask yourself when prioritizing:

Why do I want these goals?” – The different kind of motivations behind the goals will pose different value.

What lifestyle does this goal bring?” – Different goals require different lifestyles. Create a list of the sacrifices and joys that life would bring. Can you imagine yourself living like that?

Having these 2 questions honestly answered, you should have an easier time prioritizing your goals. Once you have the order, simply choose the one that fits best with your personality and focus all your energies towards that one.

Sub goals (SMART)

Create an action plan. Break your aims down into smaller sub goals. A To Do List can be a great help for this. When creating these steps, make sure that they are SMART.

Specific – Never be general, precisely write down the outcome
Measurable – Did you reach your aim? Underperformed? Overperfomed? Find it out!
Attainable – Are you capable of doing it? What skills would you need to learn?
Relevant – Does this task help you reach your main goal?
Time Bound – Set those due dates honestly

Goals versus systems

Goals are what you want to achieve and systems are the way how you are achieving them. Finding the right goals is only half of the job. It will only show what kind of system you will need. Focus on setting up and improving your system. Reaching a goal will only make you successful for a time, but a great system will make you valuable forever.


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